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As service providers to Tillster Inc. we help them with maintain and deliver new features on their Delivery Platform. As a leader in the food ordering industry Tillster Inc. is providing ordering applications for giants like PizzaHut (Yum group), Burger King, Baskin Robbins, McAllister, KFC, Freddy's Steakburgers etc. Everything is managed through a platform offering complete services from end-user applications to POS integration and payments, giving the best experience to customers all over the world. MCRO is proud to help out improving the platform and delivering solutions for these clients in time.


Deliver in an extreme agile environment for world wide food industry giants new features and complex solutions for delivery, carryout, store locator, checkout and payment integrations together with maximum performance and security optimizations.


Use self discipline together with best skillset and tools to help deliver features in a tight deadline. The most challenging problem solved here was the store locator that had to work with all types of addresses from countries like Thailand and Philippine. The solution was to integrate Google API with Autocomplete and Place Services in such a way to work flawlessly. That meant querying place ids from autocomplete using PlaceServices and detecting the type of address based on which other integrations were applied like showing a pin-drop on the map upon reverse-geocoding in case the address was incomplete or inaccurate after all queries performed. Optimizing the number of queries to Place Services to reduce the costs was part of the challenge as well. The conversion rate for users being able to place an order regardless of their address raised from 60% to 99.99%.

Technology Stack
Responsive Web
Multi-tenant Platform
Hybrid Cordova
Cross Platform