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HomeMatch (sponsored by CBRE) is a project that aims to ease the search for those who are interested in renting or buying a new home, by answering a set of questions. User’s responses will be used to provide top 10 matching neighborhoods to the user, having at the top of the list the neighbourhood that suits him best. Each neighborhood its offerings; the user has the opportunity to save his favorite offerings or get in touch with their owners, to set up an appointment.


The goal of this project was to develop a native application from the ground up for both iOS and Android within 1.5 months. The required main features were: a complex questionnaire that yields the best matching neighborhoods for the user, push notifications, maps integration and social authentication. Besides, given that the release process shouldn’t come into conflict with the development time, a continuous deployment was required, as well.


Providing a performant cross platform app that can support push notifications, maps integration, social authentication and a native behaviour, within a few weeks, is achievable only if you push the limits of React Native. In order to integrate a stable continuous delivery we used App Center, which, once set up, allowed us to focus 100% on development without having to worry about manual releases. We also integrated feature branch releases. Given the complexity of the project, we made sure everyone was on the right track through daily meetings and one week sprints.

Technology Stack
React Native
ES@Next (6+)
Styled Components
Cross Platform