What makes Aussie developers unique?

January 03, 2019
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G’day mates:)

We had the opportunity to work with developers from all around the world and recently we started to collaborate with Australian devs. We were pleasantly surprised on many aspects and found some interesting qualities.

So without any further ado, let’s surf :) through our first tackle of the Australian software development market.

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First of all we found Aussies to be great communicators, very easy going and with a massive sense of humor. Their office culture is super relaxed and they always seem to express a positive vibe. This is probably the biggest difference between this region and North America. If we were to guess the reasons behind this, it probably has something to do with having an overall healthier lifestyle.

We found the devs from this region to be very tech savvy. On average a software developer here, is more versatile, is able to address multiple parts of a project, delivers high quality code and is always eager to offer insights that help in addressing the issues that arise during software development projects. On top of that, one of their major strengths is the ability to work independently.

Execs and outsourcing.

Due to time zone constraints most Australian outsourcing seems to be handled in the Philippines and India. And while these regions offer many financial advantages and sometimes great code and solution delivery, the need for constant supervision and micro-management overcomes the financial benefits.

As a result we found that in most cases execs are a bit reserved in working with companies that are located in a different time-zone mostly because they anticipate the same need of micromanagement as in the locations mentioned above. . So it was really funny to see them surprised and very appreciative for the input and insight we gave to the issues they presented. Probably this is another reason why working with Australian companies is so much fun.

While we simply apply our “development culture” they see this as going an extra mile and are very grateful for our input. Getting compliments is always nice :), and building great business relationships is even better!

Blockchain tech.

From what we’ve experienced this area is still a bit under-developed compared to other regions (US, UK, EU). We are yet to find a reason for this as the developers we’ve met so far are very eager to learn new technologies.

But maybe with the recent controversial anti-encryption law, Australian devs will increasingly become more interested in privacy systems and blockchain censorship resistant technologies.

Overall Aussie devs have a great technical and analytical mindset but the quality that truly sets them apart from other regions is their personality. They are just more calm and focused both individually and in an organizational environment. Their communication skills are on point and they almost always find time for a quick joke.

Our experience of working with Australian companies is extremely pleasant and fun, and we would definitely recommend others to start establishing more partnerships in this region.

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