Web Development

Web development services are used to design, build, and support your digital product ideas to evolve your business and deliver tangible results. With more than 10 years of experience and a lot of passion about technology, MCRO's team of top-tier architects and full-stack engineers help leverage the ever-changing digital landscape, by using cutting-edge technologies and techniques, creating contemporary, scalable web apps adapted to your demands

What does MCRO offer in terms of web development?
Our website developers provide expert web application development and web design services for a variety of industries.
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Front-end Development

Front-end developers are responsible for crafting the user experience, which includes ease of navigation through the site and the aesthetic appeal that the site has. They're also responsible for developing interactive elements like forms, buttons, and menus. By using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and powerful frameworks like React, Vue or Angular with the right setup for architecture and state management our engineers ensure a high-quality custom output.

Back-end Development

While a front-end developer creates the user interface, back-end developers focus on the logic behind it. Behind any successful project there is a team of back-end engineers who ensure that the system is secure and scalable. A back-end engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining the server-side of an application. We are experts in building and managing databases to help you choose which database to use and how it should be structured, that will guarantee the speed and the scalability of your web application.

Technologies that we recommend on backend are NodeJS (using NestJS) on server and serverless architectures, but depending on your project requirements other technologies like GO, Java or Python could be a great choice.

Systems Architecture

Data architecture is designing the data elements that are needed to support an application. It can be a tedious task for developers and often gets overlooked.

A well-structured data architecture includes both the physical and logical design of data elements. The physical design defines how data will be stored on disks or other storage media, while the logical structure defines how users will access this information. It also includes consideration for how changes in one area will affect other system areas. Our team of engineers will consider every aspect of the system architecture and give the best version for the clients.


An expert website developer or designer can help you with all aspects of your website. The engineers from MCRO Tech are experienced in creating websites that are optimized for search engine rankings, increase conversions, and have a user-friendly interface. Our expert website developer or designer can help you with all aspects of your website. Frameworks like NextJS and Gatsby that are built on the top of React, offer you the experience and performance of a single page application with support for SEO, progressive image loading, markdown content creation, page speed optimizations and performant build system.

Web Apps & Platforms

Web apps are different from websites in many ways. Web apps are designed to be used on a specific device and have a more native feel. They also have a more interactive design, and can use features that websites cannot, such as push notifications, background sync, and offline support. More than ever before, companies should be investing in web apps or platforms that can help them automate their marketing strategies so they can focus on what's important - their products and services!


We help you build unique e-commerce websites that will attract many potential customers. The online retail industry is growing every day, and it is on the verge of taking over the traditional retail market. Online retailers have become more popular and can now compete with their physical counterparts in terms of sales and customer service. To stay competitive, companies need to keep up with technological advancements in the industry, which includes building websites that can be easily navigated by customers and can also be updated on the fly.

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