Conference Compass.

A service which offers powerful, highly customizable software solutions for virtual, hybrid or live events.

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Conference Compass is a pioneer in developing interactive applications for conferences and events. Founded in 2010, it is the trusted supplier of the world's largest associations, PCO's and meeting planners all over the world.

Compass Conference has partnered with MCRO to reimagine the way events are delivered and handled, be they live or virtual.

Together we set out to find a seamless solution that would scale and adapt to a world that’s ever changing. We helped them shift from live events to virtual and hybrid ones, constantly adapting and responding to the needs of the community.

Integrated video streams, recordings and interactive networking tools are just a few of the many features we integrated to make virtual events come to life.


Develop fully customizable mobile solutions that support continuous delivery and integration between different platforms.

Make a prompt transition from live events to virtual and hybrid ones in response to 2020 events; we moved fast to respond to the ever-changing needs of the industry and to implement features that would allow the community to reconnect virtually.


We've implemented a highly customizable white label app using React Native. We pushed the limits of Fastlane, CircleCI and shell scripts so the process of building and deploying the app is automated, fast and with minimal cost of maintenance.

We helped develop a seamless solution to migrate to virtual by expanding the mobile platform into a Virtual Event Platform:
  • Integrated live streaming and recordings
  • Implemented interaction features such as session chatting, live polling and QA sessions
  • Implemented evaluation forms and real-time analytics
  • Developed a user-friendly web app for event programmes, making it possible for users to access the event app from any device

Services provided

Software Development
Project Strategy
QA & Automation
DevOps & Infrastructure
Business Analysis

Technology stack

React Native
Cross Platform
Shell script
Automated Delivery

Working with MCRO has been a pleasure since the very start. It was easy to trust part of the development of our product to their team, after discovering that we share many of the same core values and best practices. We consider their team members working on our project to be an integral part of our own team and are excited with the prospect to continue the collaboration.

Bjarni Gunnarsson
Bjarni Gunnarsson
CTO at Conference Compass