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A multi-tenant system built to help public libraries manage their content and data.

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Discover Local Web Platformis the Web, API and SEO platform solution thatDemco Software offers to their public libraries customers. The Platform is a multi-tenant system that serves public libraries by offering a control panel to manage their content and data for web and mobile applications. It integrates several features like: library rooms reservation, events schedule & signup, books catalog, e-readers, patron profile management, books reservation, accounts management, mobile app features control etc. An Amazon Alexa set of skills for Amazon Echo is used to serve patron's interests in finding different kind of information about his/her library like: library schedule, library events taking place at a certain moment, book reservation on the fly and other actions. MCRO is proud to have helped Demco develop the web application and API, offering support from Product Development and Design to Back-end Engineering, DevOps, Front-end Engineering and Security, leaving behind a great product. Eg.Phoenix Public Library.


Demco understood the value a custom library web-portal and mobile app could bring to their customers and decided to build a platform where users could find relevant books, schedule or register for events, reserve rooms and so on. Since the number of libraries that sign up for Demco services might increase, and each library has individual preferences, our client requested a reliable, customizable and scalable software solution that could accommodate all their customers. Demco needed to develop the solution from the ground up, including UI/UX, technical and quality assurance aspects. Finding qualified staff is never easy. In this case, the customer had invested considerable effort into their recruitment initiatives and finally came to MCRO, knowing they needed help in bringing a complex software solution to life.


During the first phase of the project, we began by assisting Demco through a strategic meeting dedicated to defining technical specifications. This helped us outline an initial realistic product development and release schedule. The system architecture that we agreed-upon was a multi-tenant architecture. This way the software is designed to provide every library a dedicated share of the software instance, including individual data, customizable functionality and configuration. Regardless of the time-zone differences, we managed to maintain an effective communication between our client, UI/UX, devops and developers.
During the development process, every single feature that was pushed to the codebase would apply to all the tenants within minutes due to the continuous delivery system built in Jenkins.
This made all the libraries happy, which means Demco was happy too.
We also focused strongly on security and access control, allowing admins to assign roles based on the need to access sensitive information.
We are proud to have met the challenge and to have helped Demco develop such a complex software solution. Eg. Phoenix Public Library.

Services provided

Product Strategy
UI/UX Design
Project Management
API Development
Web Development
Devops & Infrastructure
QA & Automation

Technology stack

Symfony3 Framework
Drupal CMS
Elastic Search
Multi-tenant Platform
AWS Lambda
AWS Alexa
ILS Integration
Automated Deployments
Security Testing
Product Development