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Zoom is a set of tools created in order to make Distributed Applications ( DAPPs ) load faster with optimised network calls and reduced resource usage on Ethereum nodes that process their requests/ Zoom bundles multiple web3 calls into one call that is then sent to an EVM ( Ethereum Virtual Machine ), processed and then once the result is received, it builds a 'key / value cache' that will serve the application's data loading needs.


A React Native Wrapper over Onfido Native SDK to help developers easier integrate this identity verification platform into their react-native applications. "


BlockBits DApp is not just another crowdfunding platform, it’s the innovation that sets the standard of what the ICO market urgently needs to become: safe investments and legitimate projects. For the first time investors can decide if they keep backing a project or take their money back. The platform provides innovative mechanisms such as safe funding vaults and secure milestone based payments and is designed to become fully independent, maintained and governed by its token holders.